Seshra Innovation was formed in 2017 by Rozen Rai and Rabin Shrestha who were co-founders of another big ICT company of Nepal, Bermuda Triangle. Seshra is a home of creative, innovative, passionate and hardworking people who work as a family to make this digital world a better place.

We take pride in "What we do", "How we do" and "What we give" for our products have truly justified "Who we are". Seshra was established with the mission to provide technology-enabled high-quality products, services, and solution.

We strive to move ahead with a mission. We believe that having a clear mission helps in planning out and achieving the goal. We always keep our customer’s need ahead so we aim to provide the best possible products and services.

Our goal is to create a better a future but not alone. We want everyone to be part of the future and play their part in it. We want to assist people who are willing to take thier business or themselves in the digital world. Along with it we also want to provide knowledge to people about the future that the digital world holds and how they can use it, contribute to it and benefit from it.

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